Dick Kaukas, "Fund aids race-based intelligence studies, busing foes," The Courier-Journal (Louisville) Sunday 16 October 1977.

A foundation set up by a wealthy, reclusive New Yorker, who apparently thought blacks genetically inferior to whites, has supported four scientists whose research on intelligence has been criticized as racist.

Money from the same foundation, the Pioneer Fund, also has been used to pay the expenses of anti-bussing leaders to attend symposiums on "constructive alternatives to forced bussing."

The symposiums were to stress "the genetic aspects of educability," according to letters accompanying the grants, which went to Ralph Scott, a professor at the University of Northern Iowa...

After a Pioneer funded symposium in Denver in August 1976, some of those who attended formed the National Association for Neighborhood Schools (NANS), a national anti-busing group.

Scott, who administered the Pioneer Fund grants is a NANS director and was credited as the "father of NANS."

The Pioneer provided more than $30,000 for the anti-busing symposiums, according to University of Iowa officials.

A. James Gregor got grants from the Pioneer of 15 hundred and 2 thousand to study "Racist Thought in America."

Gregor said, "As far as getting money for research, I don't see that there is any difference in getting it from Idi Amin as long as Idi Amin doesn't have any control over my research or what I produce."

[Note: In answer to the same question put to Ralph Scott the next week by the Evening Journal (Wilmington, Delaware) 10/21/77 p. 3:

"As for the Pioneer Fund" support Scott said, "I don't see that there's any difference in getting the money from Idi Amin as long as Idi doesn't have any control over what I do with it."

David Lykken in answer to the same question in 1984:

David Lykken on the same question, 1984: "If you can find me some rich villains that want to contribute to my research - Khaddaffi, the Mafia, whoever - the worse they are, the better I'll like it. I'm doing a social good by taking their money... Any money of theirs that I spend in a legitimate and honorable way, they can't spend in a dishonorable way."

Source: Patricia Ohman "Do they get what they Pay for?" (Minneapolis City Pages, 7 March 1984) p. 8.

Kaukas, Dick. "Fund aids race-based intelligence studies, busing foes." Courier-Journal. 16 Oct. 1977.