Cattell Award

The Cattell Award is named for Raymond B. Cattell, a founder of SMEP. This award is an early-career award given annually by the Society to a young researcher who has made outstanding contributions to multivariate experimental psychology and who shows promise of continued work of a very high quality. The recipient need not be a member of SMEP. Criteria for the award are as follows: (1) outstanding contribution to multivariate experimental psychology; (2) age 40 or younger, or 10 years or less post-Ph.D.; (3) a minimum of one publication in a refereed journal.

Nominations are solicited annually from members of the Society, and members then vote among the nominees to select a winner. The winner of the Cattell Award is invited to the annual SMEP meeting to present an address and is also given a $500 honorarium.

Past winners of the Cattell Award:

  • 1997 Niels Waller, University of California Davis
  • 1996 Oliver John, University of California Berkeley
  • 1995 No award
  • 1994 Michael Neale, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics
  • 1993 Roger Millsap, Baruch College, CUNY (Now at Arizona State University)
  • 1992 Keith Widaman, University of California Riverside
  • 1991 Linda Collins, University of Southern California (Now at Pennsylvania State University)
  • 1990 Scott Maxwell, University of Notre Dame
  • 1989 Wayno deSarbo
  • 1988 Robert Cudeck, University of Minnesota
  • 1987 Jack McArdle, University of Virginia
  • 1986 James Steiger, University of British Columbia
  • 1985 No award
  • 1984 No award
  • 1983 No award
  • 1982 Robert Sternberg, Yale University
  • 1981 Larry Hubert, now at University of Illinois
  • 1980 Gene Glass
  • 1979 No award
  • 1978 Patricia Cohen
  • 1977 Myron Wish
  • 1976 Ralph Hakstian
  • 1975 Paul Baltes
  • 1974 Nancy Hirschberg
  • 1973 John Horn
  • 1972 Peter Bentler & John Nessleroade