Raymond B. Cattell is a world-renowned psychologist known primarily for his work in IQ and personality testing. At ninety-two years old, he is the author of some 41 books and 450 research articles. Most of his original work in social theory and eugenics can be found in his publications of the 1930s. Virtually all his social ideas and Beyondist philosophy dates from this period. Along with a legion of devoted students he has formulated many of the standardized tests of personality and ability in use today. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious academic awards including the Darwin Fellowship, the Wenner-Gren Prize of the New York Academy of Science, the Psychometric Award of APA/Educational Testing Service, and the Dobzhansky Award for lifetime achievement of the Behavior Genetics Society. Cattell is the founder of the Society for Multivariate Experimental Psychology (SMEP); the Cattell Institute, and The Trust for the Advancement of Beyondism. Each year the American Educational Research Association honors one its members with the Raymond B. Cattell Award, and SMEP bestows the Cattell Award for Distinguished Multivariate Behavioral Research. In sum, he is among the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century.