Henry Garrett and the APA

"The controversy surrounding Cattell recalls similar events more than 30 years ago when Henry E. Garrett, then past-President of the American Psychological Association, publicly embraced the segregationist agenda of the Citizens' Council movement. In one January 1968 article Garrett published in the Citizens' Council monthly journal The Citizen, the Columbia University psychologist argued that "Despite glamorized accounts to the contrary, the history of Black Africa over the past 5,000 years is largely a blank," and, "The crime record of the Negro in the United States is little short of scandalous." (The Citizen, "Scientist Explains Race Differences," by Henry E. Garrett, Ph.D., pp. 14-19). Garrett was a militant opponent of the 1954 Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education which mandated school desegregation and he used his credentials as a psychologist -- and as a past president of the APA -- to legitimize his opinion that, "Should school desegregation becomes complete either North or South, we can expect total demoralization and then disorganization in that order." (Ibid. See, also, "I.Q. and Racial Differences," by Henry E. Garrett, Ph.D. Newport Beach, CA: Noontide Press, 1980) .

Source: Garrett, Henry E. "Scientist Explains Race Differences" The Citizen Jan 1968:14-19