Raymond B. Cattell

R.B. Cattell

Bem Allen Evaluates Cattell's Contribution to Science

B. Mehler, "Beyondism: Cattell and the New Eugenics," (Genetica 1997)
Mehler "The Natural Self-Genocideof Raymond Cattell"
(Searchlight Jan. 1999)
Psychology, Eugenics and Cattell 
Special Issue of HPPB

Short Biography of R.B. Cattell
Dr. Cattell's Obituary

New York Times: Psychologist Accused of Fascist Views
Raymond B. Cattell: Accomplishments and Controversy (by Bem Allen)
Beyondist Review of The Ethnostate
Richard Lynn on Beyondism
Henry Garrett and the APA
ISAR Makes National Headlines
APA Monitor: "Lifetime Achievement Award is Questioned"
"Victim of Liberalism"
Cattell to receive Gold Medal at APA for "lifetime" contribution
Cattell Award
Virtue in "Racism"?
Psychology's Master Strategist
Reductionism The Human Genome Project
Cattell and Wilmot Robertson Join Forces
Cattell Bibliography
The Beyondist
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