Victim of Liberalism

Web posted Aug. 20 at 10:11 PM

Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

The American Psychological Association bends ever farther toward trendy Political Correctness. It planned to give a lifetime achievement award to a prominent psychologist who has specialized in intelligence measurement -- but postponed it after some shrill ultra-liberals labeled Dr. Raymond B. Cattell "racist."

The New York Times notes the 92-year-old researcher ``has created many of the standard tests of personality and intelligence in use today, and is the author of more than 40 books and 450 research articles.'' The critics, though, say some Cattell studies are used to support white supremacist views. Well, any group can cite bits and pieces of any data to support its view. A disappointed Cattell flatly says he doesn't support any racist ``eugenics philosophy.'' But the intolerant Left could care less.