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William Shockley

"I have appeared a few times prominenetly in such right-wing publications as Thunderbolt... I find their views in conflict with my version of the golden rule. But on two points I put Thunderbolt ahead of much of the American press. First, I believe it is not hypocritical, though it does sometimes express erroneous views. Second, it sometimes publishes valid news that I don't find elsewhere. I also believe that the result of getting the truth out will be good and the misinterpretations will be corrected."

 Source: "Playboy Interview: William Shockley." Playboy, Aug. 1980 27.8 p. 69-102

Typical Thunderbolt Cartoon:

typical Thunderbolt cartoon

Famous Race-Scientist Endorses The Thunderbolt

Prof. William Shockley is the world's most famous researcher into the mental differences which exist between the races. Prof. Shockley won a Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery and invention of the transistor. He was also awarded a Medal of honor and a $10,000 prize by the Institute of Electronic Engineers whose past president, Jerom Sruan, declared: If there's one person who's had the most impact on electronics in this century, it is Dr. Shockley."

Playboy Magazine of Aug. 1980 carried an indepth interview with Dr. Shockley in which he made the following comment about this newspaper. He stated in part:

"I have appeared a few times prominently in such right-wing Publications as The Thunderbolt, a newspaper supported by the National States Rights Party . . . On two points I put The Thunderbolt ahead of much of the American press. First, I believe it is not hypocritical. Second it sometimes publishes valid news that I don't find elsewhere. I also believe that the net result of getting the truth out will be good and that misinterpretations will be corrected."

Major Findings of Dr. Shockley

Dr. William Shockley is a professor at Stanford University in Calif. Basically the following constitute his views after many years of painstaking study and research.

1) Historically, blacks have an I.Q. 15 points lower than that of the average White. The difference is due to heredity and not environment.

2) Positive traits found in high I.Q. people include honesty, resistance to cheating and physical capacity. It takes such good traits to develop and maintain a good society.

3) Parents who have high I.Q.s have high I.Q. children and the opposite is true for those with low I.Q.s.

4) We live in a Dark Age dogmatism which blocks objective studies of the I.Q. differences which exist.

5) Low I.Q. blacks and Mexicans are outbreeding Whites. This element is the major cause of poverty, crime and unemployment and a host of other human miseries that impose heavy burdens on society. Today we are breeding problem makers instead of problem solvers . People with the low I.Q. of '80 make up a majority of the prison population of America. (Average White I.Q. is 105).

6) Low I.Q. blacks are bearing twice as many children as Whites and Aid to Dependent Children is doubling every 10 years. Thus it will be 1,000 times higher than it was 20 years ago in a century, creating a burden society cannot bear.

7) Negroes' intellectual and social deficits are hereditary and racially genetic. Thus, they are not remediable by improving their environment. Negroes are genetically enslaved to a life of frustration and may be the root cause of urban decay. It is possible that welfare mothers have babies to increase their income.

8) Negroes have a spouse killing spouse mortality rate 13 times higher than Whites. A young black male in Harlem is more than 100 times more likely to be a homicide victim than a White male in Denmark.

Opposes Mixed Marriages

Dr. Shockley states that if an employer chooses at random 109 blacks and 10 Whites to work, the Whites will coinsistently outperform the blacks. If an average black couple and an average White couple from the very same economic background have a baby the White will always have a higher I.Q. than the black. Thus Dr. Shockley declares he is against interracial marriage because it would lower the average I.Q. of the general population.

Still he says it has been proven that the higher the percentage of White genes in a black person the higher his I.Q. will be. A study in Oakland, Calif. found that the average black's genes were 22% White. He says that industrialists who have operated in Africa have told him "of the greater value of mulattoes over pure blacks as employees."

He quotes the book "Race" by J.R. Baker as stating that most of the eminent American negroes have substantial fractions of Caucasian ancestry. The conclusion seems to me to be borne out by blacks seen on TV - for example by black newscasters. Racial differences in intelligence are much deeper than skin color, of course.

Blacks forced to compete with Whites under quota hiring are underqualified as a whole. Even remedial training will not help elevate them. Thus they are left frustrated and instilled with a feeling of paranoia. What we need is genetic engineering to stop the deterioration of the overall intellectual capacity of the population.

Here Is Dr. Shockley's Answer

There are many different intelligence levels in the vaarious races including species within the same racial groups. An examination of the I.Q.s of African tribes found that the Bushmen were the lowest with an I.Q. of 50 and the highest were the Ndau and Wakaranga of Rhodesia with I.Q.s of 80. This is still lower than the average I.Q. of the California negro which is 90. (The average White I.Q. is 105).

VSBP stands for the Voluntary Sterilization Bonus Plan. This is Dr. Shockley's solution to the racial problem which is eroding the very foundations of White American civilization. He would give a cash bonus to all low I.Q. people who would undergo a voluntary sterilization. Dr. Shockley suggests a figure of $1,000 for every I.Q. point under 100. That would mean $30,000 to a welfare mother with an I.Q. of 70. But this is insignificant when one considers that for the state to take care of one of her mentally retarded children for a lifetime would cost over $300,000!

Dr. Shockley says that Southern states which carried out sterilization programs for the mentally retarded should not be condemned because they acted in a humanitarian way for the benefit of those who suffer the most from a low I.Q. Shockley believes that a great many blacks would accept the money and civilization could yet be saved.

Dr. Shockley has risked life and limb by addressing college audiences all across this land on the scientific thesis he has developed. Shockley is 71 years of age and of slight build. Yet, he has faced open attack by Marxists and black extremists. He says that at his age he has nothing to lose in spending the later years of his life reaching the people with the truth. Shockley quotes Herbert Spencer: "The profoundest of all infidelities is the fear that the truth will be bad!"

Dr. Shockley says that his work is made possible by the First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the right of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!" He describes this as "the most important words put on paper by man."

When asked why he has sacrificed his privacy and placed his very life on the line to bring the truth to the people he replies that:

"I take this stand because I might well instill one man to take action - to get a proposition on a ballot or organize a demonstration. I don't know who it might be."

Dear readers: - LET IT BE US!